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Where to eat at in Magoffin County – Spinning Wheel

While there are many places to eat at in Magoffin, and we eventually want to review and give you the best options to eat at in Salyersville, KY. We have developed a spinning wheel that randomly selects a place for you to eat at in Magoffin County Kentucky!

This is just a fun little program which was inspired by Marcus Adams on a post on facebook. I’ve since then kinda ran with the idea and decided to make it a fun little spinning wheel using HTML5. So Enjoy whenever you are asking your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend and they HAVE NO IDEA where they want to eat next time just take a spin on the wheel!

If there is any Restaurants I’ve missed be sure to message us on Facebook or drop an email! Restaurant reviews are coming soon and more updates to this post in the future!

Magoffin Restaurants Random Wheel

Mobile Friendly Magoffin Restaurants Random Wheel



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